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Jul 3, 2012 3:00pm PDT
to connect extreme weather patterns to global warming has been cnn's rob marciano. i want to play a 2007 cnn report covering a story about a british judge was considering banning al gore kospi "in inconvenient truths" from schools in england. >> schools may have to issue a warning before the show students the controversial movie about global warming. >> finally. finally. >> so you do not agree? >> the oscars giving out awards for fiction as well. the biggest problem i have is that the implication that katrina was caused by global warming. the jury is still out. global warming does not conclusively cause a stronger hurricanes like we have seen. >> that was rob marciano. jeff masters, your response? you are a meteorologist with weather underground critic. >> he did write a good book and make a good movie. was it perfect? no, there were some inaccuracies. should it be shown in schools? i think individual schools have to make that decision. we do have a lot of resources out there by people who are not politicians come on climate change and science, and a service to be bringing those to
Jul 6, 2012 3:00pm PDT
tepco, the operator of the dai-ichi reactors. could you talk about that as well? >> i was on cnn three days after the accident saying this is as bad as chernobyl. the japanese never made that acknowledgment for eight weeks. that affects emergency planning. they did not move women and children out of the high radiation areas fast enough. they really did not want to admit what independent observers knew was already occurring. it is a separate catastrophe from the fact they had ample warning it could happen. >> when you say you initially warned it was as bad as chernobyl, what is your assessment now with all the additional information that has come out as to the potential long-term impact of what happened in japan? >> if there is any luck here, is the wind was blowing off shore and about 80% of the radiation wound up in the pacific. the amount of radiation released was clearly as much as chernobyl, that most of its headed out to sea. by the way, that would not be the case in illinois, for instance, were these directors -- reactors are surrounded. my estimate is over the next 30 year
Jul 11, 2012 6:00pm EDT
includes a clip of romney from cnn republican presidential primary debate in south carolina in january, responding to the moderator. now such ads have put romney back on the hot seat, despite reports of a still struggling economy and high unemployment, a new poll shows obama has extended his lead over romney to 6 percentage points. speaking to radio iowa late monday, romney answered his critics about his secretive accounting. >> i realize the president's failure to actually reignite the economy makes it hard for him to discuss his own record. so he is going to try to attack me and every personal basis he can come up with. with regard to any foreign investments? i understand that my investments have been held by a blind trust, have been managed by a trustee. i do not even know where they are. that trusty follows all u.s. laws all the taxes are paid, as appropriate, all of them have been reported to the government. there is nothing hidden there. for instance, if you own shares leslie in renault or fiat, you still have to disclose that and pay taxes in the u.s. the president is going to t
Jul 26, 2012 6:00pm EDT
clips like one from 2007 when he spoke with cnn possibly chops about comparisons between his department and the ku klux klan. >> local law-enforcement comes across some people that have been erratic were scared or what ever -- >> demeanor. >> they are worried, their speech, what they look like, if they look like they just came from another country, we can take care of that situation rid but i don't need that, anyway, glenn. >> hang on. when was that law written? all i hear about is that it sounds like profiling and the government is and you cannot profile anybody. >> well that law in 1996, part of the comprehensive law that was passed, it is in there. it is in there. >> that was actually glenn beck talking to arpaio. let's go to share of arpaio talking to lou dobbs. >> how do you react to that? >> they call you ku klux klan. i think it is an honor it it means we're doing something. >> lawyers also read letters from constituents who complained about spanish-speaking residents in neighborhoods where arpaio later launched his trademark immigration sweeps. as arpaio testified, fo
Jul 30, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. this is romney speaking to cnn's jim acosta. >> there's nothing wrong with being associated with bain capital, but i left any role that bank capital in february 1999. that is not an said by the people at the firm, known by the documents offering document the firm made subsequently about people investing in the firm. i think anyone knows that i was out full-time running the olympics would understand that is where i was. i spent three years running the olympic games. after that, we worked up a retirement program for bain capital and handed over the shares i had. there's a difference between being a shareholder, an owner, if you will, ending a person who is running an entity. i had no role whatsoever in managing bain capital after february 1999. >> that is mitt romney on cnn. james steele? >> i think that whole story is to probably evolving and developing. it is just one of the reasons why it would be nice to see a tax return. but i think the most significant thing about bain capital is not just that period of time. bain, like all the private hedge and equity funds, very much involved in
Jul 13, 2012 3:00pm PDT
turn to cnn for a moment who responded to a viewer who asked -- "why there aren't more serious third party candidates in the and?"states >> america does not have a very broad ideological spectrum read if you look at america's two parties, they're very close together in terms of their ideological differences. both american parties would fit comfortably as center-right parties in europe. the democrats and republicans. you have no real social democratic party, no real hyper nationalist party. if you look at the kind of political spectrum elsewhere, the u.s. has a narrow perspective. >> your response, cheri honkala? he is talking about how the american parties, democrats and republicans, would fit as center-right parties in europe. >> i think the american people are not happy with the one-party system in this country, and i think they're shown that by not voting. large sections of the population are just sitting out. i think they are sitting out elections because it is like a protest vote. it is not just because they're not interested in what is happening in this country, they just do no
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)